KauaiThe Spouting Horn on Kauai

One of the most breathtaking natural wonders on the island of Kauai is the Spouting Horn blowhole near Poipu on the South Shore of the island. My husband and I were lucky enough to see it just when a storm was blowing in and it was truly spectacular. Its easy to see why it's among the most popular photography destinations on the island. But its also a significant component of Hawaiian heritage and culture. So if you're looking to enjoy a genuine and in-depth Hawaiian cultural journey, you can't miss any chance to visit this legendary blowhole.

The famed blowhole is truly the stuff of legend. The people of ancient Hawaii thought that its coastline had a protector in the form of a massive lizard, a moo. This lizard was called Kaikapu. People feared her greatly because she ate absolutely anything that got in her way. The legend goes that Liko, a youngster, got into the water to face off against Kaikapu. The moo attempted to battle him. That effort, however, was thwarted as Liko threw a pointy stick straight into Kaikapu's mouth. He then moved below the lava shelf and got out via a tiny opening. The lizard tried to go after Liko but was unsuccessful and soon found herself trapped inside of the lava tube. Legend has it that people can still detect her loud and deep cries. Many Hawaiians believe that they can view the frustrated lizard's breaths coming out of the blowhole as well, interestingly enough.

This is just some of the great culture and stories that surround this mythical and beloved Spouting Horn blowhole. It's not just a great place for people who want to learn about the area's culture, either. It's also a fantastic spot for people who appreciate amazing vistas. It is one of the best photography points and has some of the finest sunset views on the island. If you're lucky enough to visit when it's whale watching season, you can even try to search for humpback whales. Whale watching season takes place between the months of December and May each year. When it comes to quality whale watching in Hawaii, the lovely Poipu Beach area has few rivals.

When visiting Kauai Spouting Horn, it is important to note that you should refrain from going near the rocks that are close to the blowhole's entry point. This area can be potentially hazardous. That's why there are warning signs and guardrails available. If you're safe and cautious, your time near this blowhole can be pleasant and enjoyable - making this blowhorn fun for people of all ages. Young children can have a blast looking at it. Adults can as well. It isn't at all uncommon to observe spouting water that goes up 50 feet high. Ocean and tide factors both help determine water spout heights. Proper lighting conditions can sometimes lead to incredible rainbow sightings to boot!

The Koloa Heritage Trail

The blowhole is just one component of the widely known Koloa Heritage Trail. If you want to check out a vast array of sights after your time by the blowhole, you have plenty of opportunities to do so. This trail spans 10 full miles and is chock-full of scenery that is unlike anything you've ever witnessed before. If you want to savor the full magnificence Hawaii has to offer you, the Koloa Heritage Trail is definitely worth your time. It makes a fantastic trail for people who want to learn more about local history and archaeology. Natural history buffs simply can't resist the charms of the Koloa Heritage Trail. You don't necessarily have to walk through this lengthy trail, either. You can also choose to enjoy a nice bicycle ride through it. It features a total of 14 intriguing landmarks that may be of interest. Examples of these various prominent landmarks are the temple Kihahouna Heiau, Prince Kuhio Birthplace and Park, Moir Gardens, Keoneloa Bay, Koloa Jodo Mission, Hapa Road, Pu’uwanawana Volcanic Cone and the Koloa Missionary Church.

It doesn't matter if you want to take a close look at gorgeous lava rock ponds, exotic trees, sand dunes, lava rock walls or anything else. A walk through the Koloa Heritage Trail should prove to be a highly memorable and valuable authentic Hawaiian experience for you. It comes as no surprise to anyone that this trail is such a popular destination among visitors.

If you're planning on visiting Kauai, you should make a day trip to the Spouting Horn a top priority. This blowhole can dazzle your mind. It can make you think a lot about the deep history Hawaii has. It can encourage you to marvel at the many wonders of nature. It can also give you a good opportunity to relax and take it easy and slow for a little while. If you're in the middle of a whirlwind Hawaiian trip, the area is a great place to unwind and have a laid-back picnic. People who want to enjoy great food, great company and great landscapes all at the same time can get a lot out of going to the blowhole and its surrounding locales.