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Now for the fun stuff! You might think you can wing it on vacation, and while that can work for some, it's a good idea to have a schedule so you make sure to get all your "must-do" things into your trip – especially if you have limited time to sightsee. Research great places to check out on here, or on sites like Journii. Just remember to give space between events to eat, sleep, and relax! Take in the islands’ laid-back attitude and enjoy the experiences – it is a vacation after all.

Do you want to explore nature with hiking and beaches? Or would you rather take in the history and culture through some museums and demonstrations? Do you want to shop for local goods and gifts? Or would you rather enjoy the unique local foods and drinks around the island? It's almost impossible to "see it all", so set priorities and goals.

What to Do in Hawaii

So you have your island(s) picked, your flight, transportation, and hotels all set. Now its time to figure out what to do. That's where the rest of the site comes in! You can easily search by island to find great things to do that fit your type of vacation. We also have plenty of great tours to hit popular destinations and unique experiences. So explore the site, find what you want to do, and enjoy your vacation!

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The Big Island
Honokohau Settlement and Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park