Being that it is the largest island, Hawai'i is lovingly referred to as "The Big Island." It is located at the easternmost end of the Hawaiian chain of islands and is really known for its volcanoes - specifically Mauna Loa and Kilauea; both found in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. The island itself was actually created from the eruptions of five separate volcanoes, including Kohala, which is extinct and Hualalai, which is active but currently not erupting. Thats why its no doubt that the Big Island is probably the best place in the world to learn and see volcanic activity. Besides volcanoes, the island has an interesting and diverse landscape from the boardwalk town of Kona to lush botanical gardens scattered throughout the island. The Big Island is a great place to explore nature in all its forms.

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Big Island Hawaii Volcano Adventure

See the lava fields on a comprehensive, full-day Big Island Hawaii Volcano tour. You'll explore Hawaii Volcano National Park, Kilauea Volcano and Big Island of Hawaii's lava flows and craters, and learn about the natural history of this amazing part of the world along the way.

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Endangered Native Habitats

Get your binoculars ready for a small group adventure tour to Mauna Kea Forest Preserve for fantastic bird-watching opportunities. Visit both rainforest and dry forest habitats for a great introduction to Hawaii's wide variety of bird species, with guidance from an expert local guide and bird enthusiast.

Nature & Wildlife


Kealakekua Bay Deluxe Snorkel Cruise

Cruise the Kona Coast and enjoy a morning frolicking in the warm Hawaiian waters. Snorkel equipment is available for use and expert instruction makes the Kealakekua Bay Deluxe Snorkel Cruise a great activity for the whole family.



Atlantis Kona Submarine Adventure

Discover our world beneath the waves with Atlantis Submarines Kona! Our battery-powered vessels are the world’s most technologically advanced passenger submarines. A special added bonus of this tour experience is also seeing the spectacular Kona coastline while riding our shuttle boat to our submarine dive site. <br /><br />Dive 100 feet below the surface and experience Kona’s marine mysteries, highlighted by a magnificent and pristine 25-acre natural coral reef garden created by an ancient lava flow. The Kona dive site is frequented by fascinating marine life such as barracuda, yellow tang, eel and parrot fish. See firsthand how sunken ships have combined with Mother Nature to create self-sustaining habitats that attract and feed marine life off the shores of Kona. <br /><br />Our comfortable, air-conditioned submarine interior offers large viewing portals that allow you to relax and enjoy the wonders of the deep. Don’t miss out on one of the most insightful eco-adventures on the island of Hawaii!

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Kona Coffee

Did you know coffee starts off as a berry? Inside each red fruit of the coffee plant is a bean that is then roasted and dried to make the delicious rich coffee we love. And some of the best coffee in the world comes right from the Hawaiian Islands. Coffee has grown on the Big Island since 1828 and has become a worldwide recognized brand. In 1997, it is estimated that over two million pounds of coffee was grown on the island. We suggest that if you're near Kona, head to the living history museum to learn a little more about the drink and its history on the island.

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