Formed by two volcanoes that were close enough together that their lava flows overlapped, forming an isthmus between them, Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The older, western volcano has eroded quite a bit and now forms the West Maui Mountains – an area that is covered with almost impenetrable wilderness. They are filled with deep valleys, inaccessible gorges and soggy marshes. Usually the mountains are covered with mists in the valleys and clouds on the mountaintops. The larger and younger volcano, Haleakala, is to the east and stands more than 10,000 ft. about sea level.

Around the Island, there are extraordinary coral reefs abound with sea turtles, dolphins, and Hawai’i's celebrated tropical fish. A perfect place to snorkel. Maui is also considered a top spot for whale-watching in the Hawaiian Islands because the humpback whales winter in the Au’au Channel just off the northwestern coast. They migrate to the island in the winter and leave again by the end of April. Lastly, when visiting Maui, You have to take the Hana Highway, often called the “Road to Hana” that runs along the east coast of the Island with many hairpin turns through the mountains and past black sand beaches and spectacular waterfalls.

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Maui Dual Sport Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

Enjoy the scenic slopes of lush Upcountry Maui to beaches that have repeatedly been voted among the best in the world, a visit to the Valley Isle recharges the senses. Dual Sport Motorcycles offer the best of both worlds; quiet and nimble, these bikes seek adventure, on and off-road! Motorcycle enthusiasts will agree, there's no better way to experience Maui!

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Private Charters

Sea Maui is available for private snorkeling charters, sunset sails, whale watches, weddings, ash spreadings etc.

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Mala Xpress Snorkel

The fastest way to get up close and personal with one of Maui's most incredible snorkel sites and the famous resident Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles) that reside there. Within minutes of boarding the boat the captain and crew will have you all set up and ready to dive into the action at Mala Wharf, one of the most unique underwater experiences in the islands. A sunken old pier, beautiful tropical fish, amazing colorful coral, eels, starfish, and of course the turtles! Oh and you get to sleep in, it departs at 2pm and returns at 4. Perfect!



Private Surf Lesson for your group of 3-5 Near Lahaina

This lesson offers high-quality, private one-on-one, semi private, group and family surf lessons away from the crowds in Lahaina, Maui. Your Maui surf lesson will focus on water-safety, proper surf technique, surfing style and etiquette. This tour operator guarantees that you will stand up, catch a wave, and will leave the beach as a certified surfer. All surf lessons are private, and they will never combine guests from separate parties for group surf lessons.

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Rappel Maui--Extreme Zip Rappel Tour

Ready to "level up?" If you're a thrill-seeker who likes to push the envelope, or if you're a recreational regular who wants to tweak the vacation tradition, the Zip Rappel Tour takes the action to new extremes. This extended tour is a 6 1/2 to 8-hour experience (including transportation). You'll make as many as 4 advanced drops of up to 110 feet, including waterfall rappels and a "zip rappel" or "guided rappel" through free space, past a waterfall, that ends with an exhilarating water landing in a natural freshwater pool. We'll provide you with comfortable transportation from central Maui to the activity site, located an hour down the famous Hana Highway. Please make special note of the requirements and special considerations for this tour. Minimum age 14; all participants must weight between 80 lbs and 230 lbs. Not recommended for guests over the age of 65.



Whale Watching and Snorkel

Enjoy Maui's magnificent whales from a truly unique perspective! This 3 hour kayak and snorkel eco adventure tour focuses on Humpback Whale watching and includes a reef snorkel spot that is fun for the whole family. Paddle through the calm, clear waters of the Pacific looking for whales and then hop in the ocean for a snorkel along a beautiful reef with a variety of colorful tropical fish, Green Sea Turtles and much more. Plus our small group sizes and certified guides ensure a memorable experience.

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Historic Horseback Ride Lahaina

Horseback Riding Adventure on Maui.

Horseback Riding


Surf Lessons Maui

Learn to surf on Maui. Lessons are taught at the best surf beach on the island. Gentle waves and friendly surf coaches will have you standing up and catching waves in no time. Experienced surf coaches, great surf, and small class size will guarantee a memorable time on Maui.

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Exploring the markets and restaurants around Kailua, you’ll find many dishes inspired by local ingredients - we particularly enjoy Poke. Influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines, Poke originated from local fishermen that would season their cut-offs from the catch of the day and serve it as a snack. Traditionally, Poke is raw tuna or octopus mixed with various seasonings like: soy sauce, green onions, and sesame oil. It can also be enjoyed around the Hawaiian islands with other seafood like salmon or shellfish.

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