Kauapea Beach (Secret Beach)

Kauapea Beach, also known as Secret Beach, is best known for its size, which stretches a little over a half a mile in length, as well as its seclusion and beautiful scenery. As the name suggests, the secret beach is not a typical stop for most tourists. It is a bit of work to get to but certainly well worth the effort. You will have to hike down to actual beach area, so make sure to bring some sturdy shoes with you for that part. However, the hike down is easy and once you arrive you will be immediately rewarded with some spectacular views and a very quaint setting.

There are hidden secrets within this secret beach, as if you walk down far enough you will come across some captivating tidal lagoons that form some what of a kiddie pool and a waterfall that makes a perfect spot for rinsing off all the salt and sand.

The Secret Beach is situated between the Kilauea Lighthouse and the town of Kilauea located about a half a mile northwest of the town. It is easiest to access by car as there is a parking lot, and then once parked you will make the hike down.