About Wailua Falls:

This waterfall has been used in countless pictures and was used in the opening credits of “Fantasy Island.” This waterfall actually consists of two twin calls tumbling down to the pools below. During heavy rain, these tranquil twins can turn into a thunderous giant. This is one of the easier falls to see because it doesn’t require a long hike to see it. The best place to view it is from the observation deck above. For those who want a closer look or who feel like a refreshing swim, there are trails on either side leading to the pools. Be careful when swimming near the falls, the current can be strong. Ancient Ali’I, or royalty, used to dive from the top of this hidden gem as a test of their manhood. Many lost their lives in this test of courage. Today, it is illegal to dive from Wailua Falls. The best time to see these waterfalls is morning. If you’re lucky and the sun hits it just right, you will see a splendid rainbow.


Maalo Road

Kapaa, HI, 96746