Kauai Menehune Fishpond

Menehune Fishpond is the a historic Hawaiian fishpond that is located just above the Nawiliwili Harbor on Kauai Island. This fishpond has an interesting story behind it, as it the legend tells that it acquired its name from a small race of people known as the Menehune, who supposedly built these ponds over a thousand years ago. The ponds create a dam and the fish trapped in the dam were used to feed the royal family. Massive stones were stacked 900 feet wide and 5 feet tall, and legend says these ponds were created overnight.

1973, the historic and natural importance of this site was recognized and it became officially designated as the Hulela National wildlife Refugee. More than just an immaculate body of water, the pond is home a protected home for many endemic water birds.

The best way to explore this area and get a prime view of the pound is through a kayak tour, as there are no direct trails to access the pond. The tours will lead you right up to the entrance of the pond. Another option for viewing which is just as rewarding is to drive by and stop your car at the viewpoint, which also has a placard that briefly explains the history of this enchanting area.

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