Banzai Pipeline

The Banzai Pipeline, also known as "Pipeline," is not for the faint of heart. Named in 1961 by surfing movie producer, Bruce Brown, this site has become famous world-wide for its giant waves. To access the Pipeline, head to Ehukai Beach on Oahu's north shore.

In wintertime, swells push up on the very shallow reef, creating perfect barrel waves. It is these waves, sometimes reaching an impressive 30 feet, that draw hundreds of surfers to the Pipeline Masters Surf Contest. It's best to leave these waves to the pros, though, as conditions can be dangerous for notice surfers. But don't let that prevent you from making a visit--watching seasoned surfers navigate these waves is worth the trip to the north shore.

Interested in taking the plunge in some gentler waves? Wait until summertime, when swells are smaller and snorkeling is fantastic. The crystal clear water and white sand beaches guarantee an excellent time at Banzai Pipeline and Ehukai Beach.