Oahu Aulani

The Disney Resort & Spa, Aulani, lets vacation dreams become reality. The resort that opened its doors in 2011 sits on 21 acres of land on the island of Oahu. Located along the stunning beachfront of Ko Olina, Hawaii, Aulani is more than just a hotel.

At the Disney Resort & Spa, visitors will find a perfect mix of entertainment and relaxation. A variety of tours and activities are being offered. Animal lovers can go swimming with friendly dolphins, while more adventurous vacationers can zip-line above the treetops at breathtaking heights. After a long and exciting day, visitors can enjoy native Hawaiian delicatessen at the resort restaurants, relax in one of the 7 exotic lagoons, or explore the Rainbow Reef, Aulani’s very own snorkeling lagoon where guests can meet colorful fish and other sea creatures.

Though temperatures don't change all that much throughout the year, Hawaii's winter months come with more rain. The best times for a visit to Aulani are late spring and early summer when the crowds are low and the weather is gorgeous.

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