OahuVisit the Only Water Park in Hawaii, Wet'n'Wild

Many visitors to the Hawaiian islands assume that the attractions are native to the area, and besides ocean activities, they guess that Hawaii doesn’t have the traditional forms of entertainment that can be found on the mainland United States. As we’ve learned through coverage of Ko Olina Golf Course and the Aulani Disney Resort, this is not necessarily the case. Hawaii is home to many of the attractions you’ll find on the continental United States. One of these attractions is Wet’n Wild Hawaii, a premier water park that is located in Kopolei in Oahu. Wet’n’Wild Hawaii was known as “Hawaiian Water Adventures” prior to its name being changed. The park opened in May 1999, remains open year round, and it is home to two pools, 10 water slides, and three children’s areas. Over 29 acres of land make up the park, and this landmass includes 25 different rides and attractions. This is one of seven water parks that are under the name of Wet’n’Wild, which is a global brand, but this is the only water park in the state of Hawaii. So if you’re visiting the islands and want a water park experience, Wet’n’Wild is the only destination for you.

A Brief Look at the History

The park began construction in 1998 under ownership of a dentist named Jack Harrington and a layer named Brooks Cutter. This was the first business venture by their company, Water of Kapolei, LLC, and they invested $14 million into the park. When Hawaiian Water Adventures, its previous name, officially opened in 1999, its first month of business saw a %20 percent increase in expected guests. In the first year of being in business, over 400,000 people visiting the water park. Due to the success, Hawaiian Water Adventures added a new attraction the following year.

18-Hole Miniature Golf

Adventure Golf, an 18-hole miniature golf course, opened at the park in 2007. The course has ADA-compliant holes, a putting green, and is furnished with devices that remind one of Hawaii,. Furnishings include surfboards, waterways, waterfalls, and it even has a large ocean and beach area. Visitors will find mock fish and turtles, as well as displays of lava rock formations and coral reefs. This certainly isn’t your average miniature golf course.

The Park is Sold in 2008

Hawaiian Water Adventures was sold to Village Roadshow Limited in 2008, an Australian company. This is the first theme park that Village Roadshow owns in the United States. The park was sold for $27 million, and this is when the name Wet’n’Wild officially began to be used.

Sold Again in 2009

Unfortunately for Village Roadshow Limited, they did not own the park for long. The park was resold in 2009 to CNL Lifestyle Properties. The amount of money was undisclosed. But with all of the aforementioned selling taking place, you likely won’t be surprised to know that CNL Lifestyle Properties operated the park under a lease that ended in November 2013. Beginning in 2014, Premier Parks LLC took over Wet’n’Wild.

The Place to Be

Located in Oahu, Wet’n’Wild is one of the most visited attractions on the entire island. Honolulu Magazine even voted the park as the “Best Family Attraction.” The landscape at Wet’N’Wild is tropical, lush, and full of natural cliffs and beauty. Guests will be thrilled with the landscape, and there is an attraction that will suit every member of the family.

Attractions at a Glance

The Shaka is a water slide that plunges 36-feet at a near vertical angle that heads into a u-shaped slide to create a zero-gravity experience. Another popular attraction is the Tornado, a ride that sends guests through a 45-foot funnel that swirls and mimics what it would be like to be in the eye of a storm, before heading toward serene water. Kids will be pleased with the Water World Playground, where they can experience a multi-level children’s area that is filled with dumping buckets, water cannons, and slides that were made with only the kids in mind. And guests need not worry. If they want a beach-style experience while they’re at the park, they can enjoy Wet’n’Wild's 400,000 gallon wave pool. Here guests can body-board in an attraction that closely resembles the waves one would find on a Hawaiian beach. The attractions are split up into three categories of chill, moderate, and extreme. These designate the which rides are the most relaxed, and which are created with thrill-seekers in mind. Within these three categories, guests will find an attraction that suits their needs. Those who enjoy the extreme rides for the adrenaline may still also enjoy the lower-paced attractions.

Hours and Pricing

Various price points are available at the park, including season passes. A day pass to the park is $49.99 for adults, and $37.99 for seniors and kids. Group and party pricing is available, as well as various special offers. The park has an open schedule, but it will fluctuate for various events or seasons. Guests will need to check the park website to see when they should plan their visit. Guests can also purchase one of the parks tourist packages, which caters specifically to those that are visiting the park from outside of Kopolei. The packages include an all-inclusive full day at the park, as well as parking, food, merchandise, tube and locker rentals, games, and concerts or events that are not included with general admission pricing. There are a few different packages, including options for groups of 25 or more. To learn more, visit the “tourists page” on the Wet’n’Wild website.

It Isn’t Only About the Attractions

Wet’n’Wild has much more worth experiencing than just the water rides. Guests can participate in various special events, ranging from Dive’n Movie nights, a Twilight that extends the park’s hours, and events for teens. There will be something unique for everyone in the family, and for those who want a breather from all of the park exhibits. Wet’n’Wild has various dining locations for the family, and bars for those over 21 that want to enjoy a few beverages during their stay. Once the dining and eating is over, guests can head to the shopping areas at the park. While shopping guests will find the Surf Shack, the store at Wet’n’Wild that is home to merchandise from some of the biggest surfing brands in the world. Guests can also pick up essential items and necessities, like life jackets, drinks and snacks, beach towels, sunscreen, and more at Davey Jones Lockers. This store will be home to all the essentials that you might have left back at your hotel or were forgotten to purchase.

Visit the Website to Learn More

To learn more about the 25 attractions, as well as packaging for groups, guests, and hours of operations, visit the Wet’n’Wild website. Wet’n’Wild is a premier water park, and every member of the family will be thrilled with their visit. The visit will also break up your Hawaiian trip, and get you away from the beach, hiking, and the other activities that are native to Hawaii. Remember, this is the only water park on the island of Hawaii, and it’s located on Oahu. Visitors will still be able to take advantage of all of the attractions Oahu has to offer.