Some Waikiki Beach History...

Sunday, October 06th, 2013

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Waikiki Beach is THE iconic beach in Hawaii to many travelers. But wasn't always like it is today. Not so long ago, it was a spit of sand with great fishing, surfing and it served as a retreat for Hawaiian royalty.

If you're wondering about the history of the beach, I've included a few items below about the beginnings of the beach with Duke Kahanamoku and the beach itself.

Hope you enjoy the following articles... Reliving the Privileged Past on Waikiki Beach - IFWTWA

In the latter part of the 19th century, not a single hotel was to be found on beautiful Waikiki Beach. There were however, a .... This is an idyllic hotel for discriminating travelers with a taste for history. On Waikiki Beach, it is ...

Original Waikiki Beach Boys to be Showcased in Photo Exhibit

Anyone who has every strolled the idyllic beachfront of Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki, has no doubt come face to face with the slightly larger-the-life likeness of one of Hawaii's most famous celebrities: Duke Kahanamoku ... A bit of surf history: The Waikiki Beach Boys – Boing Boing Gadgets

I just wanted to show you guys a short documentary featuring Duke Kahanamoku, the man who made recreational surfing famous. He is a native Hawaiian who lived in the early 1900s and hung out on Waikiki Beach with his ...

Hope you enjoy the Beach!