OahuKo Olina Golf Club, the Premier Golf Destination in Oahu

Just because you’ve backed up your bags to head off for a tropical vacation does not mean that you have to leave your golfing equipment behind. Your nine iron and ever-improving stroke can come with you. Hawaii is home to many renowned golf courses, but the Ko Olina golf course on Oahu stands at the top of the pack. Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian islands, known for the state capital of Honolulu, where many famous films and television shows have been filmed. On the west coast of Oahu lies the Ko Olina Golf Club. The 18-hole championship course is only a short drive from Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. Guests will be thrilled with amenities that allow them to improve their golf game, and play at one of the most-renowned courses in all of Hawaii. Some of the features of the course and resort may even surprise you. Let’s take an inside look at what the Ko Olina golf course has to offer, and you’ll see why this destination is the place for you.

What Makes the Course so Special?

Aside from its location on the breathtaking island of Oahu, Ko Olina’s claim to fame is for serving as the location of the 2012 - 2017 LGPA LOTTE Championship presented by Hershey. And that is only the beginning of notes regarding the course. According to Ko Olina Golf Course official website, they have been:
  • Named one of Golf Digest’s “Top 75 Resort Courses in the U.S.”
  • Named “Hawaii’s Best Golf Course” by Star Adviser
  • The “Best 100 Golf Shops in the U.S.” by the Association of Golf Merchandisers
  • Hawaii Magazine called Ko Olina the “Best Golf Course in Hawaii”
  • It was named one of “Play Golf America’s Top 100 Performers”
  • Honolulu Advertiser gave the course the “Best of the Best” award as the number one course in all of Oahu
As you can see, the accolades and praise for the Ko Olina Golf Course is extensive. This is a favorite golf course among recreation golfers and reviewers alike. It’s sure to please avid golfers and fans of the sport.

How About the Design?

The course was built in 1990 by Ted Robinson, a world-renowned architect. The course is known for its various water components, multi-tiered greens, large landing areas, and the moderate course length which makes golfing at Ko Olina possible for experts and those that are new to the game. As we’ve mentioned, guests will also be entranced by the location of the course, on the beautiful and world-renowned island of Oahu. Ko Olina is an attraction worthy of visit by guests whether they are staying on the island of Oahu or not.

What Amenities Does Ko Olina Have to Offer?

There’s something for everyone at the course. It isn’t only an 18-hole, but equipped with various other golfing options, and a retail store suited for your needs.

Work on Every Facet of Your Game

Visitors to Ko Olina aren’t forced to only play the 18-hole. Instead, you can work on various aspects of your game before or after you head off to the larger course. Ko Olina offers a world-class driving range, accompanied with short game areas and a putting green.

Improve Your Game with Lessons

Top PGA professionals frequent Ko Olina, and they offer their services to help guests polish their game. This is a great activity for both adults and children. Join pros at golf lesson or daily clinic, and see how your game improved the next time you’re out on the big course.

State of the Art Golf Carts, Scoring System, and Gear

What would a world-renowned golf course be without state of the art equipment? At Ko Olina, you can expect the best golf has to offer in every aspect of the the facility. The golf carts are equipped with visage hands-free GPS systems. These systems provide a course map, yardage, and scoring trackers. These features will take your course experience to the next level. Guests will be equipped with a full set of TaylorMade golf clubs for their game, and they can play in Adidas shoes that can be rented as well. If you opt to play the 18-hole, you can conclude your golfing with a stop at Roy’s, a Hawaiian Fusion restaurant by Chef Roy Yamaguchi, a chef that is known across the globe. This restaurant is located at the very end if the course. Ko Olina is also equipped with locker rooms that are filled with Jacuzzis, saunas, and showers. These facilities are free to use for all guests. This is the perfect way to relax and cool down once the day’s festivities are over with.

Wait, But You Can Stay Here Too

Ko Olina is not simply a golf course where you will spend your day golfing. It’s also home to the Ko Olina Resort and Marina, one of the finest oceanfront community resorts in all of Hawaii. Unfortunately this result is a community, and not a hotel that can be accessed, but if you’re family has considered acquiring a home in Hawaii and you are avid golfers, this is a great place to look.

Michelle Wie Honed Her Game Here

Many know that LGPA player Michelle Wie, a star in the golfing world, grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu is the capital of Oahu, where Ko Olina is located. Michelle’s game was actually refined and polished at the Ko Olina Golf Club. If the fact that pro-golfers are improving their games at Ko Olina golf course isn’t a selling point, then we don’t know what else possibly could be.

Visit the Club Today

Ko Olina offers various rates and packages to accommodate your family and their specific needs. During the summer, unique summer rates are available. Currently a 9-hole summer promotion is being offered, and after 3 p.m., kids play for free. Whether you are looking for a short round of golf, an all day trip to the course, or you want to bask in the various amenities and features that a golf resort has to offer, Ko Olina is the destination for you.

The Island of Oahu is Left to Be Explored

If you’re visiting Ko Olina, it’s likely that you are staying on the island of Oahu, but even if you’re only there for the day, there is much left to be explored. Oahu is known as “The Gathering Place” and houses seven-tenths of the entire population of Hawaii. The island is home to various beach and tourist attractions. Some of the attractions on Oahu include:
  • Waikiki Beach
  • Lanikai Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • Honolulu Museum of Art
  • Aulani Disney Resort and Spa
  • Foster Botanical Garden
  • USS Missouri
  • Makapuu Lighthouse
  • Triple Crown of Surfing
  • And many more.
Whether you’re visiting Honolulu or the island of Oahu itself, the area is known to many of the most popular places on the Hawaiian islands. Many of these places we have covered here at Discover-Hawaii. When you’re booking your next Hawaiian trip, make sure to consider Ko Olina Golf Club, Honolulu, and the rest of the island of Oahu. You won’t be disappointed.