Maui Helicopter Tour: Complete Island Flight

Fly over the stunning sights of East Maui and soar deep into the isolated interior of the West Maui Mountains on this 60-minute helicopter tour. This exciting flight takes you above the Hana Rainforest, gives you a peek inside the volcanic Haleakal? Crater, and glides you over to West Maui Volcano, engulfed in lava flows and surrounded by craggy cliffs and cascading waterfalls. Includes narration from a professional pilot-guide.

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Craters of Mars Mission to Haleakala

The only Private Air Experience on Maui! On this once-in-a-lifetime 1 hour adventure, you will embark on a NASA-style analog mission, the Craters of Mars, Mission to Haleakala. View 130 miles worth of Maui, including the two faces of the Volcano, the living rain forest and waterfalls, and the Mars like craters of Haleakala which can only be experienced from above.

Having lived aboard the International Space Station, and orbiting the Earth 2,842 times, Astronaut Ron Garan takes you on a visual and audio journey that introduces you to his Orbital Perspective.

Soaring over West Maui mountains on your way up to the crater of Haleakala, your participation as crew member takes you exploring to a new world, and what it might be like one day as NASA prepares for its most daring adventure ever attempted, placing humans on Mars.

This experience will captivate all ages, in a way that only an Astronaut can communicate.

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Flight Lesson to Pearl Harbor

Learn and perform basic flight maneuvers including how to takeoff, cruise and perform up to three landings. On this 5-6 hour experience you will fly alongside the entire north shore of Molokai and a touch-and-go landing in Kalaupapa, Molokai.

Then proceed towards Coco Head and enter the route of the second attack wave the Japanese pilots flew into Pearl Harbor as you enter the airspace of the 12th busiest airport in the nation. Fly among Boeing 747s, Stealth Fighters and of course overfly the USS Arizona and Missouri.

Afterwards you will take a break with your instructor, and get a chance to explore the National Monument on your own. Later, takeoff and fly the southern coral reef of Molokai on the way back to Maui.

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Flight Lesson to Big Island Volcano!

On this half-day experience, learn and perform basic flight maneuvers including how to takeoff, cruise and perform three landings. Then descend to 3,500' and fly directly over the active volcanic vent!

Afterwards you will land in Hilo, where you will take a break for lunch, and have an opportunity to switch pilots. Then after takeoff, fly alongside the entire northern coastline of the Big Island, filled with over 53 miles of waterfalls.

At the end of the valley, turn north towards Hana, where you will get to land or perform a touch-and-go. On the third leg you will fly the northern coast line of Maui to land in Kahului. You will learn how to use GPS, autopilot, and speak to air traffic control.

A spectacular once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Flight Lesson to Molokai

Made famous for the location of the opening scene ofJurassic Park 3. You will learn and perform basic flight maneuvers including how to takeoff, cruise and land. On this 1 hour and 30 minute experience you will fly alongside the tallest sea cliffs on Earth, then your option to perform a takeoff and landing on Kalaupapa, Molokai. The home of the Leprosy colony from the 1870's.

Upon landing you can switch pilots if your partner wishes to fly.  Then on way back fly directly over portions of the coral reef of Molokai, Kapalua, West Maui and land back in Maui.

A flight training certificate, signed by your instructor will be presented to you upon completion.

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