The Big Island
Mokuaikaua Church

Located on Hawaii's mainland, Mokuaikaua Church is the oldest Christian Church in all of Hawaii, with construction being officially completed in 1837. Whether you are Christian or not, this church is certainly worth a visit. Outside the church you can find a history that explains its founding and its continued impact on the Hawaiian community. Once inside, be prepared to marvel at the beautiful stain glassed windows and unique craftsmanship. The timbers that hold up the ceiling of this church were made from a ship that brought some of the first missionaries to the island. It is also one of the first churches' on the island that was built with coral mortar and lava rock.

Unfortunately, much of Hawaiian culture has had trouble remaining preserved due to the large influx of tourists. Mokuaikua Church offers a reprieve from the typical tourists spots as it has managed to maintain some of the old Hawaiian feel that has been lost in some other places.

Services are held every Sunday at 9:00AM and 11:00AM, and if you do decide to attend one you can expect a service that is welcoming, reverent and respectful. This church is a must stop on your visit to Hawaii.