The Big Island
Lyman House Memorial Museum

The Lyman House Memorial Museum is a natural history and cultural museum that was founded in 1931 by the Lyman family. The highlight of the museum is the Lyman's house itself. David and Sarah Lyman were two missionaries who moved to Hawaii after only being married for 24 days. The house they built together is the oldest standing wood structure on the island of Hawaii and it is here that they raised their seven children, preached Christianity, and hosted many prestigious guests such as the royal family of Hawaii and Mark Twain. A tour of this house will allow you to view many household items and artifacts used by the Lyman's and their friends. Your tour guide will paint a vivid picture that highlights the boldness and bravery of the Lyman family, who gave up their comfortable New England lifestyle to live in a house without running water or electricity and in a community with a vastly different language and culture.

The museum itself houses many interesting exhibits that allow you to explore what life was like for the people of Hawaii in earlier times.